Vision Statement

Guaranteed Livelihoods, Quality Meat Products and Services

Strategy Theme

Strategy Theme

Conceiving and Securing the Future Livelihoods of Kenyans through re-establishing KMC as Strategic National Agency for socio-economic development.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

“…Contribute to food security, sustainable incomes, customer satisfaction and be financially self-sustaining by offering high quality meat and meat products, and related services.”

Business Mantra

Business Mantra

“A Cut above the Best”.

Corporate Values

The Corporate Values governing the Commission’s development and business ethos shall include:
i.    Premium Quality Experience and Services
ii.    Continuous Innovation
iii.    Integrity and Accountability
iv.    Commitment and Teamwork
v.    Equity and Fairness

Strategic Business Goals

i.    Business Renewal and Sustainable Growth
ii.    Continuous Re-engineering of Operations and Provision of Efficient Services
iii.    Strong Corporate Leadership and Governance

About Us

The Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) was formed in 1950 through an act of parliament with an objective of providing a ready market for livestock farmers and providing high quality meat and meat products to consumers. It is a public institution and by far the oldest and the most experienced meat processor in Kenya and the larger East African region.

KMC was re-opened on 26th June, 2006 after 15 years of closure with the objective of promoting the meat industry in Kenya, both domestic and for export. It was expected that with its huge capacity, it would complement government efforts in Kenya’s economic recovery.

KMC is a fully integrated meat processor whose strength lies in the unrivaled efficiency of its meat processing plants along with its ability to process high volumes of quality meat in line with consumer tastes and preferences.